Month: August 2017

How to grow the market by managing emotions

Last week’s job report got this tweet from President Trump: Excellent Jobs Numbers Just released—and I have only just begun. Many job stifling regulations continue to fall. Movement back to USA! At first glance, this is embarrassing. Whenever I see a release of the jobs report, I wait a few minutes or hours to read the analysis. Then, I get the real news. Sure enough, here’s what I read shortly after the July report: [“…in July 393,000 part-time jobs were added, offset by a drop of 54,000 full-time workers…209k jobs added…” ZeroHedge], [Only Employment Gains In The Past Year:...

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The Culture of Death: What REALLY Leads to a Tragedy Like the Massachusetts Text Message Suicide

Social media is abuzz with emotion and opinion over the text message encouraged suicide that happened in Massachusetts, and while I concur it is an awful and sad situation, I think it is important to look at this in its entirety, and not just in the small picture that the media is attempting to spoon feed us. We live in a culture that pushes death at us daily, and yet, when a heartless woman encourages her boyfriend to follow through on killing himself, we lash out with soundbite phrases like “she should be shot”. Well, let’s take a look...

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Dear President Trump

August 3, 2017 President Donald Trump The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500   Dear President Trump: Thank you for trying to change America. Thank you for redirecting your life for this purpose. Among my friends, probably 80% or more are thankful you are President. We are hoping you will be able to drain the swamp. Many of us are praying for you. Perhaps this will be an encouragement to you and your family: I believe Russiagate is a complete lie, propagated by the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, Hollywood and elites, and the corporate media...

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