This year has not only been a long one when it comes to trudging through the political divisiveness, it has been an incredibly sad one when it comes to the tactics and strategies used by politicians in our nation. Starting all the way back in January, this POTUS election cycle has felt much more like the beginning of a civil war than anything else, and it has resulted in the nation being so split, in so many areas, that the USA may never be, politically speaking, the same again. I am sure when most think back over this year, they can think of MANY events that have occurred that led them to shake their heads in disgust, but here is The Conservinator top 5 MOST pitiful things list from 2016.

5. Bernie Gets Betrayed, then endorses Hillary

The idea of a National Socialist like Bernie Sanders (or Hitler for that matter, as he claimed this category as well) getting screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-12-23-01-pmanywhere NEAR the US Presidency was staggering, and, quite simply, pitiful enough as it was…then comes in Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Hillary, and together they stabbed crazy Bernie in the back…thankfully Wiki Leaks was all over it and exposed what they had done, but even so, Bernie decided to take some type of deal from Hillary and endorse her! This act disenfranchised so many Bernie fans that it may be the single biggest factor in the poor turnout for Hillary in the general election..well, that and her status of “under investigation” by the FBI. Congrats Bernie, you made it in at #5.

4. Cruz Picks a VP, even though he had almost no shot left

Look, I like Carly…I do…but her being picked as VP when Cruz hadn’t even secured the nomination yet was a hail marry at best, and it made Ted look even more unprofessional than his biggest fan had made him look already (Glenn Beck). Not only did Fiorina not add much to Cruz’s base (although I will admit I thought she would), she ended up being a bit of a weight around Cruz’s ankles in the end and possibly one of the reasons he didn’t pull off the nomination.

3. Evan McMullin

Some may disagree with me here, but Evan as a last-minute diversionary tactic was just a horrible idea. He wasn’t well spoken and he was so clearly another in your face attempt at denying Trump the presidency even though he had clearly connected with the heart of the nation, that he ended up looking like a bigger fool than Gary Johnson and Bill Weld…(which is hard to do I might add). He would have been a great person to run for Senate, and maybe after a few terms he would have been a great POTUS candidate…now, his political career  is dead in the water.

2. Alicia Machado…TWICE

I get it…Hillary is a woman..she reminded us of this on an almost CONSTANT basis…and I am not saying I am against the idea ofscreen-shot-2016-11-30-at-12-22-47-pm a woman POTUS. What I am saying though is that a vagina cannot be the sole qualification of a candidate, and with Hillary, it was. We were expected to overlook her glaring disqualifications because of her “historic” possibilities. The fact that she not only used the gender card on multiple occasions, but then went back and dredged up Alicia Machado on two occasions (once as a last second attempt to remind potential voters that she was a girl and Trump was a sexist pig of a man), is a disgrace and will be a part of Hillary’s lasting legacy as the first major party female candidate for POTUS.

1.Trump will prosecute Hillary..oops..JUST KIDDING

I have been accused before of being a tribalist, and not discussing adequately BOTH parties tremendous faults. I would argue that liberals have more glaring issues than the GOP, but I do feel that I have done all that I can to bring up ALL of the faults I see no matter what the letter after their name says about the person’s political affiliation. I have criticized Bush, MANY in Congress that are nothing more than Liberals in GOP clothing and even local GOP candidates that are doing and saying ANYTHING they can to screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-12-25-24-pmget elected. To put a cherry on top of this, my #1 most pitiful thing from the 2016 election cycle was Trump threatening to prosecute Hillary, only to go back on his word after winning the election. Now look, am I saying that prosecuting Hillary is the way to go? Well, maybe, but my big beef here is that he said he would, got elected, and then proved to be nothing more in this area than a part of the swamp that he claimed he wanted to drain. This is NOT what his followers voted for. He was a BIG part of continuing the “lock her up” chant, and rather than follow through on this, he did what was politically expedient, instead of what was morally right (following through on his word).

So all in all, I am glad to see this election cycle over…well, I would be if Stein and Hillary would stop with the ridiculous recount garbage. We can only hope that if a recount proceeds in Wisconsin, that Trump wins by an even wider margin and the left is held up to look like the pathetic sore losers that they have already shown themselves to be. Time will tell.