Author: Jeff Petermann

Incrementalism is a Cancer

I am getting pretty used to being in trouble with liberals. Their philosophy, which is grounded in the use of emotion over logic, is an easy bear to poke in today’s political landscape. Today though it will not be a liberal organization I am looking into, but a Conservative one. I ask you in advance to not just take what I am saying at face value. I ask you to keep your mind open and research what I am saying. Today, we will discuss Right To Life and the trajectory that they are taking. This article is meant to...

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Obama’s Entitlement Mentality

One of the most egregious things that has come out of the Obama presidency is a solidification of the entitlement mentality as acceptable. The reason this is so incredibly awful is that there are many among the poor that get up every morning and go to an 8 hour a day job and come home each night feeling defeated, tired and wondering why they even bother. The working poor would be much better off if it wasn’t for the purposely poor that have grown accustomed to the government entitlements and parasitic opportunities that allow them to stay home and...

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Trump’s first 100 Days will #MAGA

Okay, Chris Matthews, I get the thrill up the leg now! I got one when I read Trump’s plan for his first 100 days. I think your thrill was old age and possibly the beginning of nerve damage from the way you contort your face all the time, but my thrill.. well, I think it may have been liberty and freedom returning to our nation. Here is Trump’s first 100 day plan. You will want to sit down before you read this because it will make liberals scared, “never Trumpers” ashamed, and those of us who are liberty driven...

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