The mainstream media is giving a lot of press to Kamala Harris, who has been elected to the United States Senate from California. She is a multi-ethnic woman with a background as a very smart prosecutor. She actually may turn out to be the chosen one when the Democrats get around to picking their next cult leader. As for the lower vote totals for Trump relative to McCain and Romney, screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-10-12-amI suspect that that had more so to do with Obama driving up interest both for and against him. Polarizing charismatics tend to get voters to come out of the woodwork both for and against them, thus increasing numbers in the aggregate for both sides.

I suspect that either McCain or Romney versus Hillary Clinton would have had similar numbers as Trump, except that they would not have flipped the Rust Belt states. Are we seeing the last gasp of the white voter? I cannot deny that the white demographic is now and will continue to shrink. Moreover, the white voters will not be a near monolithic constituency of the GOP, like Blacks and (lesser so) Hispanics are for the Democrat Party, any time soon. It is in the interest of the GOP to do a better job making the pitch to minority voters over the long haul. The good news for nationalists like myself is that Trump did better with Blacks and Hispanics as a percentage of the vote than McAmnesty and Mitt the Outsourcer.

The lower turnout means that the Clinton Crime Syndicate did not inspire the Black and the Hispanic voters. The greater percentages for the Trump Train (Choo Choo), though, have to do with the response of those voters who did go to the polls due to the Trump message. Clearly, of the Blacks and Hispanics who did go to the polls, the greater percentage favored his nationalist appeal over McCain’s open borders (a real loser among Blacks) and Romney’s economic globalism (not popular with either Blacks or Hispanics overall). I thus feel good about the future of nationalism for the most part, though I agree that my side must do a better job at spreading the nationalist message to minority communities which intrinsically sense that economic globalization is not to their benefit.


Michael Sean Erickson is a political consultant, film producer, an essayist, an Anglican Catholic Priest, a stage actor, and a husband, He is also the author of The Lost Sombrero, Beautiful Catrina, and Dream Time. Originally from San Jose, California, he had lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, before moving more recently to Los Angeles with his beautiful wife, Sharon, and their Shih Tzu, Shansi.