Sitting in my car listening to Rush Limbaugh the other day, I was struck square between the eyes with a revelation: the government said we could keep our healthcare plans if we liked them, and they knew that was a lie. Fast forward to 2016 and most people have had to give up the healthcare plans that they liked and, in some cases, their doctors too. If the government can Gruber us with something as vital as our healthcare, what would prevent them from Grubering us with “common sense” gun control? The answer I have come to is: absolutely nothing. What follows are three things about Obamacare that scream “Hillary is coming for your guns”.

1. Obamacare was billed as “good for the people”,  just like Hillary’s gun grab has been framed. 

In the minds of most Democratic citizens, Obamacare was, and maybe even still is, a good thing. But as we move forward, the screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-1-17-25-pmdeath spiral tightens while more and more people leave the exchanges and take the fine. The old and the sick that are depending on the healthy and the young to pay more than they should so that they can afford this socialist healthcare are going to lose their insurance, or will at least be unable to pay for their premiums. That is how it was intended from the get go. The end result is single payer insurance, which is a proven failure, and gives the government sole power over its citizens healthcare. Scary thought considering the state of the United States Post Office, no? We see much the same argument being given for gun control: “it’ll keep guns out of the hands of crazy people and criminals.” “We aren’t coming for your guns, we are just trying to tighten the gun show loophole (which doesn’t exist by the way)”. In reality, much like single payer insurance is the goal of the liberals in the USA, an Australia style mandatory gun buy back is the goal of these same folks. They apparently aren’t understanding that criminals don’t care about legality – hence, why they are “criminals”.

2. Homicide, suicide, and health related items like surgery where people have utilized a gun as their chosen tool are not going up, and in many categories are going down, and yet, that is not the story the media is telling.

Look, we are already seeing it with obesity. Liberals are saying that people who are overweight should pay more into the healthcare system. The media is starting to look to the people who commit violent acts using guns as their chosen tool in much the same way as the obese. They are now saying that the cost they bring to the healthcare system is too great, and that we could eliminate 12,000 of the deaths in
our nati0n, and much of the expense from surgery resulting from accidental shootings by eliminating guns. The problem with that is that only 8/10 of a percentage of those 12,000 deaths are from mass shootings. A majority of these deaths and serious woundings come from black on black gang violence in cities like Chicago that have some of the tightest gun control all ready in screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-1-17-16-pmour entire nation. Most of the violence we see that is perpetrated using firearms is not done through legal methods. Most of the gun deaths we see have nothing to do with Hillary’s emotional story of “toddlers accidentally shooting innocent people or themselves”. Most of the violence, quite frankly, could be solved by limiting the gun control that we have on the books now and allowing more good guys with guns to take down the bad guys with guns, instead of creating fish in a barrel, gun free zones where criminals are the only ones who are armed. Tie all this together with the facts that violence with guns as the tool has been steadily declining since 1993 and you will see a disgusting picture of government control for controls sake, and a bleak future for self preservation should we end up with a President Hillary.

3. Gun control is being touted to benefit the very people it will harm the most – just like Obamacare.

In reality, Obamacare was supposed to help the poor the most, right? Those who could not afford healthcare. I know in many situations that poor people who couldn’t afford insurance do indeed now have it, however, they will be the only ones who will have it soon,  as it becomes less and less affordable for everyone who doesn’t qualify for a subsidy. Eventually, as Obamacare is crushed under its own weight, those people will again be without any insurance, except now they will know what it was like to be able to get the prescriptions and care they need, and now they will be without it once again. Much in the same way, gun control is being touted to help keep law abiding citizens safe from the criminal element, and yet, tightening gun regulations will thrust our nation into a nightmare scenario where only the cops and the criminals have guns. Cops might be minutes away when you need them, and the criminal in your home who, by the way, has a gun because they don’t care about gun control, is only seconds away from your bedroom. What will you do when gun control has left your family helpless?

So, as you can see, Obamacare and gun control are both tied to failed liberal thinking. Now you will be in a situation where the government controls which hospital you can go to when a bad guy breaks in and shoots you because you weren’t able to defend yourself due to the government tightening gun regulations that could have kept you safe. Thanks, Obama.