It’s important to begin with full transparency here on an article about a subject like abortion. First of all, I believe that life begins at conception. Secondly, I believe that God is the author of life and He is the ONLY one that should get to decide what it ends. Finally, my wife was adopted and both she and I were virgins when we got married, so the whole “adoption isn’t an alternative” and the whole “it’s unrealistic to say abstinence is an option” excuses don’t go very far with me because I am living proof, as is my wife, that they are very viable options. OK, all of that is on the table, so let’s look at some faulty liberal logic shall we?

Planned Parenthood, as I discussed in a previous article entitled, “Democrats and Racism: The Facts”, is an awful organization that was started with the idea of killing the least desirable babies among us to create a perfect race. Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist and believed that blacks were “weeds” and we needed to root them out by convincing black would be mothers that baby-in-wombabortion was a fantastic alternative and was their “right” as women”. Well, we’ve reached the culmination now of decades of “women’s rights” in regard to murdering their unborn children, and guess where it has gotten us? Aborting babies for the purpose of selling their organs and parts in a black market of sorts. Illegal? Yes. Overlooked up until now? Yes. You see, the liberal feminists have done a great job of separating the emotion in the minds of other liberal women from what they are actually doing. They thought if they could convince a woman that is was merely a mass of cells, and that only those capable of baring children should have a voice in this matter, that they would surely win the argument. Well, 58 million aborted babies later, the feminists are claiming victory. Let that sink in…58 million human beings…sons and daughters…potential world changers…gone. That is a liberal victory for you.

Now if you don’t listen intently, you will hear abortion on demand advocates around the world tell you that because the folks that took the secret video of these upper level execs had ulterior motives, that these videos are frauds. They will tell you that they have been HEAVILY edited and that thy cannot be trusted. What they WON’T tell you is what was edited out that would make the videos, as they are now, fraudulent or unbelievable. They WON’T tell you that the facts as laid out in these videos are wrong. They might say, as I heard on the Glenn Beck show this morning, that it is an unpleasant conversation just as many medical conversations are, but that no law was broken, but in this statement, they would be lying to you twice and it is abundantly clear that selling baby parts for profit is illegal. Only restitution for shipping costs is allowed. It is also abundantly clear that we aren’t talking about any “icky” medical procedure, like removing gall stones or saving someones life with a kidney transplant..we are talking about a medical procedure that stops a beating heart..on purpose. As has been cited recently, EVEN BY LIBERALS, these unborn children feel excruciating pain. This isn’t a topic not to be talked about at the dinner table because of details that will make you sick, but will end in the healing of an individual. These are details so gruesome that if included in a Hollywood movie, would render it at LEAST with an R rating.

Three crucial things took place in these videos that we all must remain vigilant to and keep in front of everyone before the news cycle changes and we go back to lauding Planned Parenthood for their “contributions to women’s health”. First and foremost, we as a society have become numb to the ending of a life. These women crunched on salad and drank wine while discussing crushing fetal bones and organs with no visible issue at all. They talked of an unborn baby as if it was cattle or a chicken, not the innocent and helpless human that it actually is. This alone should make us take stock of those in charge of this organization and ask ourselves if these women should be in position where they council girls who are making choices that will alter their lives forever.

Secondly, we must look at who we are allowing to make these choices. Girls…not women, but teenage girls, are being allowed to terminate their pregnancy without notifying their parents or the father of the child. Sometimes girls have an abortion before even getting their drivers license. What kind of a person tells an impressionable girl that they do not need to contact ANY of the important people in their life for advice before making a choice that will affect the rest of their days. Why would you suck out all possibility of wise counsel from a situation like this? Money. Planned Parenthood makes millions of dollars by girls making these choices. If wiser adults come into the situation and start discussing facts, Planned Parenthood will lose huge amounts of dollars and they simply will not stand for that.

Thirdly, we should look at the surrounding rules that have made it possible for abortion without notification or complete knowledge of all facts to even be the case. NOT mandating that a doctor show a woman an ultrasound of the baby she is about ready to slaughter and discard, but allowing it to make sure they don’t crush a vital organ that might be hot that day on the baby part black market, is a sign that our country as a whole has lost its way. I have never understood the argument that we must allow for the slaughtering of millions of babies because if we don’t, women will MAKE THE CHOICE to go in a back alley and MAKE THE CHOICE to approach someone they know isn’t a doctor and then MAKE A LAST CHOICE to have their baby slaughtered in a manner that could cause the mother harm or death. These are choices to kill a child these women are making and if they choose to do this, why should we make it easier to kill a baby simply because a mother will do it anyway. Choices have consequences, sometimes horrible ones. My wife is a product of a fantastic choice made by a woman who knew she could not care for a baby at the time. This woman chose to carry her baby to term and give this baby to a loving home to raise. This choice may have been tough short term, but in the long term, my wife’s mother is somewhere today knowing that she gave her daughter a chance at a life, rather than snuffing it out of existence. You see, abortion might be easier short term, but in the long term, studies have shown, that women who have aborted their unborn children suffer unbelievable psychological trauma and guilt. Many of these women have become suicidal and have never been the same again because they couldn’t come to grips with what they had done. Take heart though, at least the Planned Parenthood execs get to drive nice cars, right?