How Have We Gotten Here?

Hollywood dribble is in all of our lives.  We cannot get away from it.  Many of our lives are fueled by what we see on television – who we see on television.  Our children are inundated with infatuations of wanting to be like this hero or that.

Paw Patrol is currently on my television and my four year old and one and a half year old are just enamored with the bright colors and beautiful graphics, along with a wholesome message; albeit a secular message, but a message that is okay on the ground level.  Then the commercials come on.  Their little minds are sent to greed, they too can play with their favorite cartoon characters.  We parents then hear it, “I want that Daddy/Mommy” or “Can I have that?!”

As we get older our taste in television and other entertainment change.  Many times then our lives are fueled by what our moral and ethical compasses dictate to us.  Still Hollywood has that brought in too.  Many of us grew up watching the news and some of us that had the chance to watch morning news would watch Matt Lauer on NBC.

This fun-loving globetrotter of a man was the face of the morning news; and to many people it was a surprise when the people of the nation heard he had been fired from the morning show for the sin of sexual harassment.  To others, people were able to see right through his façade and see that there was something inherently wrong with the way he treated people.  The way he had called out Bill O’Reilly in fact was a foreshadowing of what was to happen to him merely a year later.  Moreover, we as Americans, the pejorative, are mesmerized with the glow of these people.

However, are we really surprised that these people get like this, and sexually harass – or harass in general?  We give these people everything, we bow down to them, and we make them gods.  They get ultimate power and respect, for what?  Making us happy? Creating a little light in our living rooms, even if it is only for a second because they then spread hate, filth, and diatribe.  Then they will do a story that fills our heart with gladness, but they stay away from the heart of the matter because they do not want us to know that the story is going in the same direction as everything else is: Buy me, become like me, and idolize me.  Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, CK Lewis, and all the others have one thing in common: we gave this power to them.  Women have suffered under some horrific understandings of these people, if the allegations are true (innocent until proven guilty).

Are we really surprised that we got here?

Christians have been saying for years that Hollywood is leading us down the wrong path and if we emulate them that we are going to be caught up in it.  Our nation is not crumbling because of politicians.  Our nation is crumbling because we are pulling away from God.

We are allowing the entertainment industry to become an idol, and come before God.  We are letting the people say that what God says is immoral, and that because they have free will they are free to do as they please.  They can go out and fornicate with whomever they want to fornicate with: man, woman, children, beasts, and whatever else you can think of.  If we put God first, I do not believe we would have this issue.

Where will we be in 20 years?  We are already at a spot where almost anything is allowed.  Something that was described as a mental health issue is now a tolerated and accepted form of love, even though it is a complete abhorration in the eyes of all the major religions in the world.  Yet, we are okay with it?  We people need Jesus!

In addition, as we sit here in and we read what we need to read to get through the day, and we watch the daily news, we become more and more tolerant of things that we are told to ignore.  With a heavy heart, I will continue to pray for our country and for the world.  Americans set the pace for the world in many ways.  We need to remember that if we set others up for failure it is our fault.   God will ask us at the gates of Heaven our deeds, and our hearts.  Even though he already knows.  We need to be prepared for the final judgement.  We need to watch what we are doing and pay attention to the mighty acts that the Lord has called us to do.

We need to be a beacon on the hill and shine our lights to be positive.