Okay. So I have seen this same premise arise over countless threads on social media:

“What would Jesus do?”

Well, that is actually a very good question. The fact of the matter is if you read the Bible, specifically Matthew 21, it shows that Jesus does not condone sinful behavior. So if people are buying birth control to have sex, then, that is on them. Not the population.

It falls on us “adults” to teach our children the importance of keeping God’s laws. Remaining celebrate until marriage is huge. It falls on the parents to teach right and wrong.

How can they do that?

Easily! Use the support systems that are installed for moral guidance: the Church, the Bible, other family members. Where two or more people are gathered in Christ, there is comfort.

Birth control pills have there place in society. The degradation of society. Once we put birth control on the market people lost their minds and thought they could do whatever they wanted. This started the downward spiral of people not liking their image of who they are and who they were becoming and so we got the “Sexual Revolution.” Starting the downward spiral of moral decay, and formal deplorability that the world is overall generally in.

Jesus is not going to come down and say, “Well done my good and faithful people’s. You have given condemns and birth control to the poor.”


I believe it will be more people will be the goats: “We didn’t see you hungry Lord.” All because there was an in-fight over doing something that shouldn’t have been done in the first place.

Sex is a sacred act among two people that love each other. Does that happen all the time, No. But we can be examples to those that don’t.

Leading to abortion. It is wrong. Period. A person loses the baby naturally it is a miscarriage – they call it a “spontaneous abortion.” That is God’s will. A person that willingly removes a child their womb is committing murder. Jesus says, “Let the children come to me.” and “I have known you since before you were born.” Jesus and John jumped in the wombs of their mothers when they were close together. The “fetuses” are people, they are children!

Bringing them into a society where people are bad, and ugly, and deplorable, and, and, and… is and always will be. Choose life. Once you go down that road you have broken the one commandment that Jesus commanded: Love. You didn’t have an abortion out of love; abortions are had out of selfishness.