Old habits die hard in the CIA.  Overthrowing  democratically elected governments is one of those bad habits but  this time it’s our government.

Through anonymous sources in the Deep State, it is alleged in the George Soros affiliated Washington Post, that Russian hackers  handed the White House to Donald Trump:

“The CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system, according to officials briefed on the matter.”

The Trump team hit back hard pointing out that this is the same group that misled us with false stories of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction so why should we believe them now when they are trying to blatantly interfere in our electoral process?    Julian Assange, who is in a position to know the facts,  has categorically denied that there was any Russian involvement and instead has stated that he did not  receive hacked emails but leaked emails from insiders in the Clinton Campaign.  The Clinton Foundation was practically owned by foreign powers trying to buy influence from Hillary Clinton, especially ISIS supporting sheikdoms.  A patriot from within her organization blew the whistle on her.   Those foreign powers are not too happy that their horse lost and with the help of our global elite are trying to take down our President Elect by any means necessary; protests, vote recounts and now CIA coup. 

“Ex”-CIA analyst Bob Baer is calling for “a new election,” and that the intelligence report on Russia’s role be made available to members of the electoral college before they formally vote to elect the next president.  Retiring Senate minority leader Harry Reid accused the FBI of covering up the intelligence assessment, and called on director Comey to resign.  This is an attack on our system that must be dealt with and hopefully the new administration can purge those behind this illegitimate political interference into our elections.

The Washington Post article is  full of holes and assertions that are easily refuted.  Craig Murray Speaking to   the Guardian:

“Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, who is a close associate of Assange, called the CIA claims ‘bullshit,” adding: ‘They are absolutely making it up.’

“’I know who leaked them,’ Murray said. ‘I’ve met the person who leaked them, and they are certainly not Russian and it’s an insider. It’s a leak, not a hack; the two are different things.

“’If what the CIA are saying is true, and the CIA’s statement refers to people who are known to be linked to the Russian state, they would have arrested someone if it was someone inside the United States. America has not been shy about arresting whistleblowers and it’s not been shy about extraditing hackers. They plainly have no knowledge whatsoever.”

The less biased FBI publicly disagrees with the CIA claim of Russian interference.

The Obama White House controlled CIA has intimate ties to Saudi Arabia, including the head of the department, John Brennan who was the long time Saudi Bureau Chief prior to heading the organization.  Obama has been funding terrorist affiliated rebels in Syria as a part of the Saudi hegemonic plan for the middle east. The new Trump  administration has already signaled that it will not have such a cozy relationship with the Jihadi chaos supporting regime and will instead put America’s interest first rather than the “warfare state”.

Trump is a threat to the grand plan of the warfare party and his desire to “get along with Russia,” his opposition to regime change in Syria, his opposition of the Libyan disaster, his foreign policy stance in general and talk of  “drain the swamp” of the CIA and the State Department has them quaking in their boots.  Trump has already declared that he will rid the government of Muslim Brotherhood agents that have infiltrated the Obama regime.

Antiwar.com’s Justin Raimondo points out, “ The irony here is that the accusation leveled at Trump – that his historic victory represents a successful attempt by a foreign power to take control of the White House – is a classic case of projection. What we are witnessing is a joint CIA-Saudi operation to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.”

In Trump’s words:

“We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments. Our goal is stability not chaos.”

American patriots must stand against these rogue agents in the CIA who are trying to prevent a Trump presidency in violation of law and indict and put them on trial for high treason.  If not, they may try to assassinate our new president if their high risk gambit does not pay off.

The ruling elite has  disdain for American workers and wants to replace us with immigrants at home and offshoring our jobs to foreign lands.   They also  do not want any changes in policy toward Russia or the Middle East.  Now that they have shown their hands, we must stand tall and protect our President Elect from their nefarious plans and let the “new Sherriff” flush the toilet that is D.C.

Mr. Hannosh is an Army Veteran, Water Board Treasurer, Representative for the American MidEast Coalition for Trump, Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Former Candidate for Congress, Former School Board President, Pat Buchanan, Ron and Rand Paul supporter and activist seeking to put Americans first, not the establishment.Mr. Hannosh is married and has a daughter who he hopes will inherit an America that loves peace, liberty and freedom.