If there is one thing those on the pro-choice side hate to hear from those of us on the pro-life side it’s comparing abortion to slavery or to the genocide committed by Hitler against the Jews, unfortunately for them though, BOTH are accurate. Many may not be familiar with the 3/5 compromise back in our nations infancy, for those who may need to know more to draw an accurate parallel, I will further delve into this compromise that ended up backfiring on slave owners in the south. I will warn you, this is an incredibly awful portion of our nation’s past; of course that too is a parallel to what we are seeing today in the baby chop shop, parts for sale murder for hire world of Planned Parenthood.

3/5 Compromise

Back in the beginning of our nation, taxes were levied not according to population, but to the actual land value. States got smart and started to do their best to reduce the value of their land in order to pay as little tax as possible. In the Continental Congress of 1787, a bill was proposed by James Wilson and Roger Sherman that would allow for taxes to be levied by population of a state instead. This was a major source of contention as the south had a large number of slaves, and the fight to NOT count slaves as people, but as property became hot and heavy. The compromise ended up being that a slave would not be considered property, but they would only now be considered 3/5 of a white person. Now as time went on, this compromise greatly increased the south’s population through counting each salve as this “partial” human being, and took them from 33 seats in the House of Representatives to 47, which at first was considered a serious win for slavery…at first. Population grew much faster in the north than the south, and after all was said and done political power shifted to the anti-slavery movement, resulting in the civil war and the 13th amendment which rendered the 3/5 compromise unneeded…which by the way the majority of Democrats voted against (as a side note).

So where does this 20-week ban fit in? How does this pseudo pro-life bill compare to the 3/5 compromise? Well, in just about every way, but hopefully it will not take a civil war to bring the freedom to live to these millions and millions of helpless pre-born babies.

Ohio’s 20-Week Abortion Ban

So what happens at 20 week’s after conception that would make it THE number to ban abortions at? It is the point at which many scientists would say a pre-born baby can feel pain. The Heartbeat Bill that Ohio’s cowardly governor decided to veto would have stopped any and all abortions from the moment a heartbeat could be detected, and would provide a one year prison sentence for any abortionist that would kill a baby after this point. It would have been a giant leap towards overturning Roe vs. Wade, instead of the tiny step that the 20 week ban provides. It in essence provides for a 3/5 compromise where each pre-born baby is only worth the same amount as a human being if they have passed a magical “weeks” mark…19 weeks and 6 days? Not a human being…20 weeks, a human…What kind of arbitrary rule is this that would only provide SOME protection for SOME pre-born children. Seventeen other states had already passed the 20-week ban. It took virtually no courage to be the 18th, and Kasich proved yet again that he had no business running for a higher office when he couldn’t even lead in the position he already held.

So where does that leave us? In need of a Constitutional Convention, and in need of an amendment that will protect ALL life. When this happens, a 20 week ban will be rendered useless just like the 3/5 compromise, and it will also protect pre-born babies from the moment a baby is conceived. The other route that could be taken is to get the Federal government out of the abortion decision altogether and make it a state issue by overturning Roe vs. Wade, and then fighting state by state to put “Abortion is Murder” or “Protection at Conception” Acts into place, but this is a much longer road to go, and with the GOP only being one state legislature away from calling an Article V convention, and giving ALL of the rights guaranteed in the Constitution to all people in our great nation. This will not at all be an easy road either, but it will be the one that, much like the 13th amendment did for African American’s, protects the humanity and rights of this new group of people who many want us to still believe, in 2016, are not ACTUALLY human beings.