We are paying teachers in this town to “Give the Bird” to students while the other teacher is going on rants saying “F” police officers?

Teaching assistant Courtney Lawton-a member of the English Department. Lawton was photographed by Mullen flipping the camera off. Photo Credit: Hannah DePreist/Daily Nebraskan.

I’ve got a few more budget cut ideas for you Governor Ricketts and Legislature when you meet with Mr. Bounds next to discuss University of Nebraska-Lincoln funding.

What an embarrassment this department is to our University. Newsflash to Nebraska…people will not remember the English Department…they will remember the University of Nebraska as the offending party. This is our school! This cant happen!

Why do the other departments just sit in silence, be intimidated, and ‘go along to get along’? Speak up and defend your school and more importantly your female students subjected to harassment! Our Chancellor better get a grip quick. Of course, he is at the Obama rallies so I’m not holding my breath on strong decisive leadership. Apparently, he likes stumping for a guy that personally meets with professors who yell “F police officers” after the infraction. It’s like the KGB promoting and praising immoral professors to advance Communism all over again.

The socialist base of professors may revolt against his leadership if he acts…and it appears he is afraid of confrontation. Personally, I may turn against the massive Big 10 expansion plan if University growth continues to lead to the influx of educators like this without repercussion for their actions. We may need a new Chancellor if he is going to be this passive.

A “PC” statement doesn’t fly Chancellor. Take some action and show some kahunas. At the very least, you should realize your English professors best choice of language is the “F” word. As English “Professionals”, it is shocking they cannot articulate their arguments in society using proper English and conduct. You may want to introduce them to a book us CPA’s surprisingly know about…the Thesaurus. Their choice of words alone should give them a grade of “F” for the English department. Students flunk out…so should teachers. Do we really expect smart “English” students to be disciplined from teachers with this 5th-grade vocabulary?

Their actions against pupils paying the salaries of these teachers should be nothing short of alarming. The harassment of women is unacceptable and our own professors are taking part in this despicable act. Do we have the right leadership at the top that understands the concepts of law/order for employee behavior towards students/coworkers?

….And what about campus police? What does it say to them when Hank continues to employ professors that yell “F” police officers and he does an ‘ole for the consequence? This is the SECOND OFFENSE by the same teacher! Does UNL security know you have their back Hank when you keep these professors on the payroll at much higher pay levels than our cops on bikes who are subjected to these taunts by other employees? It is bad enough that employed professors harass students that pay their rent. What does it say to UNL employees when you allow this behavior to habitually occur without consequence?

Just a hint as a guy who knows something about the law. I’d worry about being liable for an employment atmosphere of harassment when you REPEATEDLY keep employees around that REPEATEDLY threaten the dignity of other individuals working/studying there. Would you retain a cop if they yelled “F” professors one day and “Gave the Bird” to students the next? This is a no brainer decision. Where is the Nebraska Board of Regents on this?

This will be a great test to see if Hank actually has leadership skills or if he allows this harassment culture without consequence to develop that will surely take our educational ranks to the levels of Mississippi.

Finally, I need to remind Hank that our University is a FEDERAL LAND GRANT based University. You better teach your staff that first amendment rights are not up for debate on public property. This is America. The silencing of free speech and preventing citizens from peacefully assembling to address grievances cannot happen. I gathered you will protect those rights from your “PC / PR” statement, but you better make sure your staff knows it to keep your school out of trouble. They believe free speech can be silenced on public property…where did that belief take root?

These actions don’t fly in Nebraska Hank. We have a good life to promote for our citizens and the English department does not promote it. It’s time to learn a new English word…Termination.

By Todd Watson