I wish I could be a fly on the wall of the Never Trumpers abode’s this morning when they heard that our President-Elect has screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-10-31-19-amchosen Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Al) as his pick for Attorney’s General, possibly one of the most liberty driven Senator’s in office today. Now I am sure that many of my friends that still think Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing will still focus more on Trump’s picks of Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff and Steve Bannon as security advisor, but with this pick today, Trump has taken another step on following through on yet another of his promises; amnesty is NOT going to happen under his watch…and our borders will be secured.

So what do we know about Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Al)? Let’s take a look at a couple of thinks about the Senator that make him a strong AG pick, and a liberty driven one as well:

  1. Amnesty’s Worst Nightmare

Opposition to almost every single immigration bill that has come in front of him since his Senatorial career began was a driving force in National Review giving Sessions this title.  Let’s be frank though…Sessions has been a staunch defender of our borders, not a hateful, callous man towards the plight of legal immigrants as some in the news media have painted him. He is pro-American worker, going so far as to help get a bill passed that put a decade long ban on Federal contractors that hire illegal immigrants. This puts him square in line with Trump on his policy initiatives that he is planning and makes him a friend of the US worker on MANY fronts..especially when you match this up with Trump’s plans to implement tariff’s on products brought into our nation from companies that move into Mexico in search of cheaper labor.

  1. Debt Destroyer

Simply put here, Sessions gets it. He knows that a nation headed down a path to over $20 trillion in debt and a nation that has surpassed $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities is headed down a path to not be a nation for long. Hopefully as Trump fills the rest of his cabinet seats, he will pick more debt hawks like Sessions and realize that his plans to spend money we do not have are damaging to our country.

  1. Man-made Global Warming Skeptic

Just because confirmation biased liberal scientists have grasped onto something else to make everyone fret over, doesn’t mean it is real. Trump gets this, and so does Jeff Sessions. He is, in my opinion, past just being a skeptic and has joined the ranks of denier, and that puts him in a great place as AG to tackle issues that will stem out of the man-made climate change lie. He is unafraid to broach the subject with those in power too, as seen in this video of him talking with President Obama appointed EPA Chief, Gina McCarthy. Here’s a quote from Sessions in this video:screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-10-59-16-am

““When we go to our states…the group we have the most complaints about from our constituents—whether it’s highway people, whether it’s farmers, whether it’s energy people—is the Environmental Protection Agency. It’s an [agency of] extraordinary overreach. And you apparently are unaware of the pushback that’s occurring in the real world.”

So simply put, Trump continues to surround himself with people who do their jobs well, and who know things that he does not. That is the mark of a great leader, and if Trump continues down this path, he will do for liberty what no other candidate could have done; educate the masses on what it is, and what we have been missing out on in the Obama years due to his apparent misunderstanding of what the job of POTUS in all about.