There are so many things in politics that could be considered complex. Economics for one is something that can frustrate even the most avid political researcher. Abortion is a clear-cut issue in my book (as I am a 100% zero exception abortion abolitionist), and screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-2-10-19-pmyet because of the misinformation campaigns by the left and our public schools, we have a generation that is simply “unsure” that life is more important than their own personal convenience. One thing though that has boggled my mind since the election of Donald Trump is this one liner being repeated by the media and many of the political elite that quite simply is preposterous; “Donald Trump heard a voice in our nation that no one else did.” Donald Trump certainly did listen a bit more intently, but this “voice” that the political elite and left-wing media are referencing is the voice of the majority in our nation.

Our Voice Is Not A Quiet One

This voice is the one that says that the debt in our nation is crushing this generation and is poised to do the same to the next as well and we must fix it. This is the voice that says that the race baiting that has been perpetrated by the current administration is the cause of the divide in our nation and NOT an attempt on their end to unify our land. This voice is the one saying that we are all much less concerned with political correctness and bending to the will of less than 1% of our country at the expense of the safety and liberty of the other 99%. This voice has been clear for years now…you don’t even have to listen very hard to hear it. It is the voice that is heard in MANY letters to our elected representatives who then choose to ignore this voice and vote how their donors tell them to vote.

This voice is the one that sees ALL life as sacred and is not OK with killing pre-born babies all the way up to their due date (many of us are abortion abolitionists, but that is another article). We are the voice that has been screaming to SHRINK GOVERNMENT, and to lessen the amount of laws that are being used to target individuals and groups that the government doesn’t like. We are the voice that is standing up for the ENTIRE Constitution and not just the portions that we agree with. We are the ones saying that our 4th amendment should not be traded in for a little bit of security, because we know what happens when this is tried. We are the voice that is calling out those in our land that would take advantage of the system we have in place to help those who desperately need help, in order to avoid working for a living. This same voice is also the one that from those of us that are out there on the weekends helping with non-profits to raise money to help those truly in need.

Our Voice Is Of The People

We are the voice of reason in a nation or unreasonable extremism that threatens to take us to the brink of another civil war. We are the ones that are disgusted with the bastardization of capitalism in our land and are also appalled that someone like Bernie Sanders, a national socialist, was able to get so close to the White House. We are the ones that look at man-made climate change and know, bscreen-shot-2016-12-07-at-2-10-11-pmased on facts rather than feelings, that it is one of the greatest hoaxes of our time perpetrated by those that want to control us though fear. We saw cash for clunkers and we knew then that all of what would come would have very little to do with saving the planet and way more to do with securing power for those who have tasted it and don’t want to lose it.

So to the media and elected officials out there that keep referencing this “unheard voice” that Trump listened to, we want you to know that it makes sense that you haven’t heard it, because you have been too busy drowning it out in favor of your donors voices and your own internal voice screaming your own confirmation bias. This voice is the voice of a majority of the electorate, and if you continue to ignore us, you will find yourself mis-calling many future elections and, for the politicians, losing races that you thought were in the bag. We are here to be heard. We aren’t hiding. We aren’t muffled. You simply have to WANT to hear us. As the Verizon/Sprint spokesman once said, “Can you hear us now?”