Since 1936, the Associated Press has survived U.S. editors and news directors to determine the year’s top news stories. For 2016, here are their top 10 stories: 1) US Election, 2) BREXIT, 3) Blacks killed by police, 4) Pulse Nightclub massacre, 5) Worldwide terror attacks, 6) Attacks on police, 7) Democratic party email leaks, 8) Syria, 9) Supreme Court and 10) Hillary Clinton’s emails. You may have an interest in reading their commentary, [click here].

Here is my Top Ten list of news stories missed by the Associated Press:

#1. Top forensic engineer proves the World Trade Center Building 7 did not collapse as the government reported. Speaking at the Justice in Focus 9/11 Symposium in New York City on September 11, 2016, Forensic Structural Engineer Dr. Leroy Hulsey, said a fire could not have brought down Building 7, as the government has concluded. [See 30-second loop of the collapse, here.]  When asked, “On a scale of 1 to 100, what is the possibility WTC 7 could have collapsed simply because of fires?” Dr. Hulsey replied, “Zero.” He then said if any of his Ph.D. students had submitted the explanation for the collapse of WTC 7 as the government presented, he would fail them. Having completed a two-year scientific study of the collapse, Husley said he could not, yet, determine what did cause the collapse, but he said it was not possible for the building to have failed the way the government reported. Supporting his scientific modeling, 2,758 architects and engineers have signed a petition asking for a new study of 9-11. [Click here, for more information.] (Why is this important? This single event led to a war that continues, today. The truth is important.)


#2. Two leading forgery experts proved Obama’s birth certificate was forged. In a December 15, 2016 press conference, then Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Chief Investigator Mike Zullo presented “nine points of forgery” evidence, proving President Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. Zullo said the evidence conclusively proves the forgery, but it says nothing about whether or not President Obama was born in the United States. The five-year investigation used U.S. forgery expert, and Obama supporter, Reed Hayes and a top European forgery analysis firm. [For full press conference, click here.] (Why is this important? This forgery is a felony. It spotlights a weakness in vetting presidential candidates.)


#3. Deutsche Bank pays $98 million to settle precious metals price manipulation and implicates other banks. On December 2, 2016, Deutsche concluded their gold-manipulation lawsuit by paying $60 million. Two months earlier, the bank settled a silver-manipulation lawsuit by paying $38 million. The bank has denied any wrongdoing and the settlement prevents any future liability. As a part of the settlement, the bank submitted evidence implicating other banks in the precious metals price manipulation. [For more information, click here and here.] (Why is this important? The prices of precious metals forecast the purchasing power of fiat money. Have the banks been used to manipulate these prices so fiat money looks stable in value?)


#4. The corporate media are exposed for fake news. Wikileaks showed the collusion of the media and the Democratic National Committee in rigging the election. Fake polls were created and used by the media to influence the election. The media minimized Hillary Clinton’s baggage while reporting unsubstantiated slanderous stories related to Trump. The media suppressed contrary evidence to the government’s story of Russia interfering with the election. With the media’s full support of the fake Russia story, President Obama quietly signed into law the “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act,” expelled 35 Russian diplomats and implemented new sanctions against Russia.(Why is this important? Remember Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction? When the press doesn’t provide a check to the government, it can be a tool of propaganda.)


#5. The Democratic Party committed suicide. From my quick review of history, there has never been a worse presidential candidate than Hillary Clinton. My common sense tells me she committed more than one felony. With the help of the FBI, Justice Department and the media, the DNC tried to cover up the Clinton family’s crimes. We also now know, the DNC rigged the primary in favor of Hillary. They continued the same illegal activities in the general election. The Democratic Party of JFK, no longer exists, today. Rather, the most radical element of the DNC has been in control. 


#6. All charges dropped against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt in the undercover Planned Parenthood Video’s Case. We heard plenty about the supposed “edits” in these horrific undercover videos that showed the sheer bloodlust of Planned Parenthood executives, but almost nothing about all charges being dropped in the case against the heads of Center for Medical Progress, which was the company behind the undercover videos that had charges brought against them. It is no wonder why this was purposely skipped over by the media as it confirmed that there was nothing in these videos that was at all fraudulent and that the cold blooded killing of millions by this heartless organization was indeed happening, and it looked way more like murder than it did “a woman’s choice over her body”.


#7. Statistic released showing nearly twice as many white’s killed by cops in 2015 than blacks. The narrative that has been painted by the Obama administration since 2008 has been one of blatant racism against white’s in the USA, and a big part of that has been the targeting of police officers in a witch hunt to make them seem fixated on racial profiling. The numbers though, as many times happen, didn’t match this narrative, and the media, like the good lapdogs that they are, did no reporting on the actual statistics, as they did not at all match the Obama regimes fake numbers.


#8. 2016 Ends With U-6 “Real Unemployment” Number Still Topping 9%. This is a LOW estimate too. In fact, John Williams of has made his career out of reporting true economic data, and his best estimate for unemployment, based on a method comparable to how it was calculated in 1930, puts the November unemployment rate at 22.8%. The legacy of Obama has become more important than truth to many in the news media and this can be seen clearly when you look at the fabrication of the unemployment number, that is done in an effort to make Obama look more favorable as he ends his days in the White House.


#9. While the abortion number decreased slightly in 2016 statistics, stats on abortions by African Americans from 1990-2011 show that over 4.4 million black babies have been aborted, which is over 11% of the black population in the USA today. If you have done much research on the history of Planned Parenthood, then you know it was started by Margaret Sanger for the express purpose of killing off those she deemed “undesirable”, which included the African American race.  It is no surprise then that, at this point in our nation’s history, 1 out of every 2 black pregnancies end in abortion. Sanger’s eugenicist goals are coming to fruition and it is not being reported on by the mainstream media.


#10. The global mutiny of the minions. (BREXIT, Trump, Italy, Spain, and turmoil in Germany, etc). All those voices that “no one was listening” too? Well, it turns out there were many who WERE listening, and that the voices numbered MANY more than anticipated! Many in the world made known their displeasure in the elitist political class. It was heard loud and clear in 2016, resulting in Brexit and Trump among many other things. News media reported on this some, but only in a “sky is falling” kind of way. Rarely did you hear objective reporting on this topic, and you never heard the positives that were occurring as a result from this break with the political class.

2016 was a  year riddled with media malfeasance, and it is no shock that many journalists are having panic attacks as Trump prepares to be our 45th POTUS. Trump has shown that he is not only ready and willing to take to Twitter to bypass the media and address the American people, but that he is ready to forego tradition, with his apparent dismissal of things like daily White House media briefings, that have mainly been used to control info and to create a crony club that makes the current POTUS look better than he really is. It will be an interesting 4-8 years, and we will see if the media is as relevant as they think they are in the next 24 months as Trump shows them how little he actually needs their services. He may have one more “You’re Fired” in him yet.