Month: February 2017

Fake Financial News, Part 1

Thanks to President Trump, fake news has been exposed. Conservinator readers weren’t surprised. But, low-information voters are now being forced to second-guess their news source. The issue is bigger than just the alphabet channels. This has been a long-term problem among the financial news media and government statistical reporting. Last week, I laughed when I heard a talk radio caller quote the CBO’s (Congressional Budget Office) estimate that shredding Obamacare would cost $350 billion through 2027. [The Cost of Full Repeal of the Affordable Care Act] He defended the CBO as bipartisan and then said, “This is math and...

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Desmond Doss

I watched, “Hacksaw Ridge” this week.  It was probably the best – most realistic – Christian World War II story ever told.  I do not generally do movie reviews, I leave that for the critics, but I feel that this needs to be put out there!  Whereas; I am not a pacifist, I do see the point of Desmond Doss’ pacifism, his profound love for Christ and his inner passion for following the Laws of God. Make no mistake.   This is a WAR film.  It is not for the weak of stomach or faint of heart.  It is very...

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Abortion’s Ripple Effect

When a kid throws a stone in a pond, what is the effect? At first glance, a splash. In economics, we call this the micro. The macro is the bigger picture. The stone makes ripples. Suppose one of the ripples washes over a lily pad and knocks a fly into the water. As the fly treads water, a large mouth bass breaks the surface and has a snack. A fly-fisherman, 15 yards away, hears the splash just in time to see the tail submerge. His next cast targets that area. A friend of the first bass gets hooked. But...

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Legal Reasons HB 1134 “Protection At Conception” Must Have a Hearing By Paul Refior, Attorney-at-law

In August 1972 when I arrived at the University of Iowa campus to start law school, I was searching for truth.  One of my first classes was constitutional law where I started thinking maybe there was something true—something solid—to be a firm foundation. I concluded it was the Constitution of the United States.  It was the U.S. Constitution which was the measuring standard whether other laws were valid. It was the Constitution that we all could rely upon.  At least that is what I came to think before January 22, 1973. I remember that day well. I was in...

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Why Public Schooling in the USA Must End

I can hear a collective sigh from teacher’s across the country…”this is exactly why we didn’t want Trump in office” many of you might be thinking. Well, please read on, because I hope to make an effective case for the damage the public school system has done to our nation, and an even better case for why destroying their monopoly will, long-term, bring our nation back to where it once was. So what has public school done to shred the fabric of our nation? I have three things, and all of them are equally devastating. A quick disclaimer: I have...

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