Month: June 2017

Deep Sixing the Deep State

We live in interesting times indeed.  Some historians have compared the “accidental” Roman Emperor Claudius, who reigned 2000 years, with Donald Trump. He was an old man for Roman times and replaced the young, charismatic, lunatic in Caligula who was assassinated in office. Claudius was an outsider who was brought into power by the Roman Praetorian Guard who wanted to see political change from the corrupt Augustinian lineage.  The Roman establishment had written off the stammering, limping “monster of a man” in Claudius which is what may have saved his life in the ruthless power struggles of Roman aristocracy. ...

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9-11 Conspiracy Fact And How This Implicates Vice President Pence, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Fox News Super Stars…And How This Impacts Personal Finances!

Suppose a scientist at one of the nation’s largest drug companies knows a blockbuster drug has a higher probability of creating adverse side effects than it does treating the disease. Suppose the scientist keeps silent because his bonus is based on the sales of this drug. Is this scientist a criminal? According to the government, this would NOT be criminal activity. If this ever became public, the company would be fined (a small fraction of the accumulated profits) and the scientist would get promoted. (I’m not making this up! This is how the government and its cronies have typically...

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