Month: August 2017

Talking Point: Professors Protest TPUSA Tabling Event, Forced to Request Police

We are paying teachers in this town to “Give the Bird” to students while the other teacher is going on rants saying “F” police officers? I’ve got a few more budget cut ideas for you Governor Ricketts and Legislature when you meet with Mr. Bounds next to discuss University of Nebraska-Lincoln funding. What an embarrassment this department is to our University. Newsflash to Nebraska…people will not remember the English Department…they will remember the University of Nebraska as the offending party. This is our school! This cant happen! Why do the other departments just sit in silence, be intimidated, and ‘go along...

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Six Economic Lessons From Harvey

The pictures are horrific. The storm Harvey has destroyed the Texas Gulf Coast. By Sunday afternoon, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) informed the Texas Governor: “We’re going to be there for years.” By Monday, FEMA said they expect over 450,000 Harvey victims.[1] People are more valuable than things. Unfortunately, the loss of life is growing; it is now at 30. The physical damage is devastating. This disaster is bigger than what Texas can handle. Volunteers from around the country are in Texas helping. More will come. The federal government will have an important role. Here are six economic lessons...

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It’s Not About Slavery!

A few summers ago, my brother and I visited the Franklin, Tennessee, Civil War Battlefield. It was at this small town, where 27,000 Confederate soldiers attacked 27,000 Union soldiers. The Union Army was dug-in and prepared to defend their ground. They did. It was November 30, 1864. Some 10,000 Americans died in the five-hour battle, the vast majority of them Confederates. Eyewitness reports say that near the fieldworks some men died standing up, the dead bodies stacked around them too tightly to permit them to fall. More generals were killed than at any other battle of the war. [HistoryNet]...

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How to grow the market by managing emotions

Last week’s job report got this tweet from President Trump: Excellent Jobs Numbers Just released—and I have only just begun. Many job stifling regulations continue to fall. Movement back to USA! At first glance, this is embarrassing. Whenever I see a release of the jobs report, I wait a few minutes or hours to read the analysis. Then, I get the real news. Sure enough, here’s what I read shortly after the July report: [“…in July 393,000 part-time jobs were added, offset by a drop of 54,000 full-time workers…209k jobs added…” ZeroHedge], [Only Employment Gains In The Past Year:...

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The Culture of Death: What REALLY Leads to a Tragedy Like the Massachusetts Text Message Suicide

Social media is abuzz with emotion and opinion over the text message encouraged suicide that happened in Massachusetts, and while I concur it is an awful and sad situation, I think it is important to look at this in its entirety, and not just in the small picture that the media is attempting to spoon feed us. We live in a culture that pushes death at us daily, and yet, when a heartless woman encourages her boyfriend to follow through on killing himself, we lash out with soundbite phrases like “she should be shot”. Well, let’s take a look...

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