Good evening everyone!

As I sit here at church in Elkhart, Indiana on Ash Wednesday I was moved to talk to you all! The way the world is going right now we are in dire straights… And I am going to tell this one thing that will help take your worries and issues away: prayer!

I have had a rough week personally and it seems that a lot of people have as well! You know I was having issues with the job, wife, family, and of course my inner being! However; I stopped and I looked back at what my week was and how it was shaping up and I made an adjustment in my life; which I need to do a lot more than I do – I sat back looked at everything that is going around me in the world and I realized that it is not only me: no more pity parties! I sat back and prayed! Almost instantaneously I felt relief, I felt a release, and I heard these words: “When in trouble, come to me! When you are happy, come to me!” Now I am not one to hear voices, but this was great! I forgot that I need to pray! Prayer is the answer to a bad day for me! You never know it might be for you as well!!

I understand that you may not be a Christian, you may be an atheist, a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, a taoist – but whatever you are I dare you to pray! Pray to God: cast your cares, worries, and iniquities on to Him!

Remember Russia is only the tip of the iceberg! Rather you think Putin is a bad man or a good man it doesn’t matter – God’s Will shall be done! Remember jobs are temporary even of they are for 40 years! God is Everlasting!

Dear Heavenly Father;

Thank you for being with us! Rather we always believe in you or not… You are always there for us. Thank you Lord, for the sending of your Son Jesus, to die on the cross for us… Please help us bear fruit in you to share your word and keep you in our everyday lives!


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