In almost every encounter I have ever had with an atheist, they have at one point or another in our talk gone to the idea of “God is responsible for evil because he didn’t step in and stop it”, and have listed this as a reason why they do not believe in Him. Now mind you, MOST of who I speak with on a daily basis are small government Constitutionalists or Libertarians, yet they still believe that the only way God can be loving and “real” is if He steps in and micromanages our daily affairs, and assures that no evil is allowed anywhere on the globe, ever. This is such an incompatible ideology to hold for ANYONE who is small government, and I think it is high time we address it. Here are three reasons why you cannot be for smaller government and still blame God for not micromanaging every event that has ever taken place.

1. You cannot have a free-will and have every action controlled by God at the same time. Either we are robots, or we are free people making our own choices.

If we were given a command by the government of when we must wake, eat, work and sleep, we wouldn’t be free people no matter what our leaders “told us”. In a similar way, if God manages every event and allows only good to happen, we are not a free people, but an organized group of robots. We only can do what He says, when He says it. That is not what He wanted at all for us as His creation. To blame God for allowing bad to happen in our life that is a result of our bad choices is like blaming the cement for being there when we jump off of a high rise building. It wasn’t the cement’s fault that we jumped, it was ours.

2. Perception dictates what is an “awful” event. Is your roadmap for a city, a state, a nation or the world? 

Hitler shooting himself would be an awful thing for his mother to endure, right? It, however, was a great thing for the rest of the world. Perception is something that has helped write history. The winner often gets the opportunity to write what “good” is, and how they were a part of it. The thing we must look at when it comes to an awful event is what size is the map we are looking at when it comes to the event we are facing. It is small and vision blocking, or large and “big picture”. If we look at an event through the lens of the next year, it may seem too much to wrap our mind around. If we look at that same event in light of the next 100 years, we often see that it is not as big a mountain as we thought, and it may, in fact, lead to some good in the distant future.

3. God wants us to choose Him out of love, not fear.

If our parents MADE us say “I love you” three times a day, they probably, deep down, would wonder about our true feelings for them. In contrast, if they never made us say it, and we said it anyway, they would know that we were not coerced into telling them and that our feelings were genuine. The same can be said of God. He didn’t want a planet of fearful robots. He wants us to “fear Him” in a sense of awe and wonder, but He wants us to have genuine, non-coerced love for Him too, and if we choose another way, while it breaks His heart, He doesn’t want to be the arm twister. The issue here though is that it leads to situations where humans do what they want, serve other Gods (like sex, money or “stuff”) and end up having horrible natural consequences as a result. Rest assured, God doesn’t love you less because you choose not to love Him. He weeps for your pain but is standing with His arms open wide waiting for you to return to Him. This may seem like no big deal until you start to contemplate the size of this God that we are discussing…if He is real, He is mighty. If he exists, He is bigger than we can even imagine. If He sent His Son to die for us, then He gave up His most precious gift for human beings who would reject Him, mock Him and curse Him. That is the God I serve and love. I do it willingly because I know what He did for me, and I choose to give Him my praise.

All of this being said, I want to circle back now and look at the small government view of this one more time. You simply cannot be for a minute by minute micro-managing Creator if you are also for less governing and for liberty. Either you are ok with others making your choices for you, or you aren’t. God has given us the liberty as human beings to either move toward Him or away from Him, but the interesting thing is, He only moves one way…towards us. If you think you ate far from Him, or that He is far from you, all you have to do is turn around, and He will be there. He won’t force you to serve or love Him, but He will be there to welcome you with open arms.

Jeff Petermann is a husband, father, son, and friend.  He works tirelessly at researching the truth and then passing the truth on to his readers.  Jeff is an avid comic book fan and is often found watching a great comic book movie.  He loves spending time with his beautiful wife of 17 years and his 2 sons. Jeff Petermann is a former Managing Editor for The Liberty Conservative and has spent the last decade in Marketing. He currently runs his own marketing company and is the Director of Marketing Services for another agency near his home in Northern Indiana.