We live in interesting times indeed.  Some historians have compared the “accidental” Roman Emperor Claudius, who reigned 2000 years, with Donald Trump. He was an old man for Roman times and replaced the young, charismatic, lunatic in Caligula who was assassinated in office.

Claudius was an outsider who was brought into power by the Roman Praetorian Guard who wanted to see political change from the corrupt Augustinian lineage.  The Roman establishment had written off the stammering, limping “monster of a man” in Claudius which is what may have saved his life in the ruthless power struggles of Roman aristocracy.  Claudius played the role of buffoon as a shrewd politician to distract and disarm his critics.

Seneca, Nero(Claudius Successor)  and the other “chattering class” of his day wrote scathing satires of Claudius but he returned their mockery by showing no mercy upon those who plotted his overthrow.   It is rumored that Claudius may have been poisoned by his 4th wife Agripina.

Like Trump, Claudius was a builder who began great infrastructure projects and added Britain to the empire and is considered today to be one of Rome’s more able and successful emperors. Unfortunately, like Claudius, Trump the outsider also has powerful enemies within the establishment insider circles of the Wall Street/Big Media/Warfare State axis  which greatly desires his downfall.  The one man who appears to have set his sights on making that happen is former FBI director and mentor  of  the now defrocked James Comey, Robert Mueller.

Political commentator Sean Hannity convincingly argues that a “soft coup” is currently under way by the “Deep State” and is a clear and present danger to our Republic.  He has risked his career to give a strong  five point defense of the duly elected President in the following Fox News transcript:

“#1.  The Destroy Trump Media has been lying to you now, proveable lies, for 11 months, non-stop ie “Trump/Russia collusion” with no evidence what so ever.

#2.  You have what I’ve been  calling the “Deep State” selectively leaking information to damage the President and anyone associated with him.

#3.  Special Counsel investigation mission creep I’ve been telling you about.  Well it’s turned into an out of control political witch hunt, it needs to be stopped.

#4.  All of this manufactured turmoil is putting Trump’s agenda in jeopardy which ends up directly effecting you the American people.

#5.  This effort to override the will of the American people and change the results is now creating a national security crisis.”

Many legal experts believe President Trump is in a death struggle with the “Deep State” lead by Mueller and Comey who seem bent on a fishing expedition to find something, anything on which the president can be pinned and impeached.  Attorney Scott Johnson notes that the scope of Mueller’s investigation as delegated by acting attorney general Rosenstein is unlimited which violates applicable law in that a criminal investigation needs to be warranted in the first place.

Assistant United States Attorney Andrew McCarthy  explains:  “The way this is supposed to work is: the Justice Department first identifies a likely crime, and then assigns a prosecutor to investigate it. Here, by contrast, there are no parameters imposed on the special counsel’s jurisdiction.”

Therefore: “Mueller’s probe is the functional equivalent of a general warrant: a boundless writ to search for incriminating evidence. It is the very evil the Fourth Amendment was adopted to forbid: a scorch-the-earth investigation in the absence of probable cause that a crime has been committed.”

In addition the “murderers row” of attorneys that Mueller has recruited are primarily hardcore Democrats and thus given to extreme prejudice and hostility towards the president.  This is evidence of Mueller’s ill intent and bias in this whole matter.

Comey and Mueller have a history of grandiose interference in federal cases.  Together, they opposed Bush’s surveillance program and bungled their biggest investigation during the “Mailed Antrax Scare” which was used as fodder to make Iraq the culprit.  According to Real Clear Politics investigative journalist  Carl Cannon, “They botched the investigation of the 2001 anthrax letter attacks that took five lives and infected 17 other people, shut down the U.S. Capitol and Washington’s mail system, solidified the Bush administration’s antipathy for Iraq, and eventually, when the facts finally came out, made the FBI look feckless, incompetent, and easily manipulated by outside political pressure.

This, too, was an enormously complex case. But here are some facts: Despite the jihadist slogans accompanying the mailed anthrax, it had nothing to do with Saddam Hussein or any foreign element; the FBI ignored a 2002 tip from a scientific colleague of the actual anthrax killer who turned out to be a Fort Detrick scientist named Bruce Edwards Ivins;”

Based on their past investigative failures and the long storied Mueller-Comey bromance, it is incumbent upon Mueller’s integrity to recuse himself from this investigation and allow an impartial, non-partisan to wrap this up for the good of the Republic.  Based on any reasonable interpretation of current law, Mueller’s appointment is a clear violation of rule 45.2 Disqualification arising from personal or political relationship.

(a) . . . no employee shall participate in a criminal investigation or prosecution if he has a personal or political relationship with:

(1) Any person or organization substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution; or

(2) Any person or organization which he knows has a specific and substantial interest that would be directly affected by the outcome of the investigation or prosecution.

Furthermore, Comey has confessed that he committed a federal crime in  leaking privileged information on the president in order to orchestrate a special counsel investigation after being lawfully fired.  Despite Comey’s own admission that he could find no evidence of a Trump/Russia collusion, he still wanted a special prosecutor to Target Trump. Comey also admitted his strong bias against the President when he said that it made him sick to think that he may have helped Donald Trump become president by investigating Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.  Comey’s deceptive attempt to unleash the police powers of the state against the president has worked so far, but it may backfire as American citizens are seeing the real collusion between Big-Media and the Deep State to protect their “Tammany Hall”.

The vast left wing conspiracy to take down the president is no longer a secret as they  have been  openly radicalizing their supporters the same way terrorists radicalize their zealots.  The Deep State-media coup is now out in the open and has turned violent  due in part to non-stop calls for Trumps assasination via graphic images of a beheading, stabbing, and most recently Johnny Depps direct threat to assasinate our President which then motivates a violence prone Bernie Sanders activist  to mow down defenseless Republican legislators during a baseball practice.  We are seeing confrontations in the streets between pro and anti-Trump groups that are becoming increasingly violent. In another instance a Trump supporter was stabbed numerous times after one such demonstration.

Groups are forming to protect and defend the President, including a recent Facebook Group called, The American Praetorian Guard,  which seeks to be a gateway for Trump supporters to actively counter fake news  and organize Trump supporters so that they can counter this unlawful coup.  Judicial Watch has also filed a lawsuit against the CIA, the Department of Justice, and the Treasury Department for records on those making illegal leaks stating:

“There is a deep state, shadow government, in place, a government staffed by recent appointees or hires of Obama. There are lots of Democrats in the bureaucracy, and lots of Republicans, who think they know better than President Trump and are willing to thwart the rule of law.

It’s not just Republican vs. Democrat or Conservative vs. Liberal.  It’s the Washington Establishment vs. the people!

They will go to virtually any lengths to maintain the status quo and the public corruption that erodes our Constitution. .  . This is all part of a political smear job by the Washington establishment who are rightly terrified of President Trump and the “swamp draining” that he has promised. They are actively organizing against him and subverting the rule of law!”

Pat Buchanan, a veteran presidential advisor,  advises President Trump to fight back in an article hinting at a coming Civil War:

“What he and his White House need to understand is that this is not going to end, that this is a fight to the finish, that his enemies will not relent until they see him impeached or resigning in disgrace.

To prevail, Trump will have to campaign across this country and wage guerrilla war in this capital, using the legal and political weapons at his disposal to ferret out the enemies within his own government.

Not only is this battle essential, if Trump hopes to realize his agenda, it is winnable. For the people sense that the Beltway elites are cynically engaged in preserving their own privileges, positions and power.

If the president cannot rewrite Obamacare or achieve tax reform, .  . .

He should campaign against the real enemies of America First by promising to purge the deep state and flog its media collaborators.

“Time to burn down the Bastille.”

Mr. Hannosh is an Army Veteran, Water Board Treasurer, Representative for the American MidEast Coalition for Trump, Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Former Candidate for Congress, Former School Board President, Pat Buchanan, Ron and Rand Paul supporter and activist seeking to put Americans first, not the establishment. Mr. Hannosh is married and has a daughter who he hopes will inherit an America that loves peace, liberty and freedom.