Liberal Democrats claim to stand for tolerance for all, but ironically 99% of the time they take a knee to tolerance.  When 60+ Democratic House members boycotted the inauguration of President Donald Trump, they revealed their true nature, which is one of intolerance for anything they disagree with. This was clearly shown in their opposition to him before he even took office. The fact that they call themselves “democrats” is ironic in itself because they stand for anything but democracy.

Ironically, their actions actually delegitimize democracy and the democratic election process. In boycotting the inauguration, they made a statement that they don’t support and believe in the same election process that placed them in office. They merely stated that it is okay to believe in the election process as long as they win; however, if they don’t get their way, then they don’t have to honor it.

They lay claims that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate, despite the democratic process that elected him fair and square. They purposely ignore the fact that former President Obama, intelligence agencies and everyone that touched the investigation all agree that the election results were in fact legitimate, and they cling to the pieces of evidence that point to Russia attempting to interfere with the election process.  Taking the stance of “don’t bother me with the truth, my mind is already made up,” is in direct opposition to the truth.

Congressman John Lewis claims that the Presidency of Donald J. Trump is illegitimate and mustered support for his opposition.  Trump had not presided over the presidency or spent one second in the oval office as President at that point, therefore he was unable to do anything that could be justly opposed.  He had merely won the election.  Further irony is found in the fact that those who followed in his path of boycotting the inauguration followed him down a one-way road to their own illegitimacy.

There is no legitimate reason for not attending the inauguration; therefore, it can be reasonably concluded that they chose not to attend due to their intolerance to the office of the President, the Constitution, the election process, the Americans that voted for President Trump and really, anyone that disagrees with them.

The silver lining that comes from knowing this is that we don’t have to worry about their futures and how they may affect America.  Their influence will be short-lived, and won’t even amount to a footnote in history, and thankfully we will never have to worry about them running for the highest office in the land, because they don’t believe in the peaceful transfer of power, the American election process, the electoral college or the Constitution.

By Russ Todd