A good American is a citizen that works hard in a job, in the home, and in the family. A good American citizen takes interest in national, local, and state political processes. A good American citizen accepts the outcome of elections. If a good citizen is disappointed in the results they do not whine, act like spoiled brats or give the rest of the world the impression that they will not back our elected officials.

The United States Electoral College met Monday to cast votes for the next president of the United States. In the general election, the votes were decided by the voters with the majority going to the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

The result of the general election has set off a lot of controversy from the losing side, over the usefulness the Electoral College. I  have had some reservations about using an electoral college. However, upon reflection, I can see the wisdom of our founding fathers. The country would be controlled by a few most populated states and the rest of the country would be at their mercy. To me, this would be a tragedy. Not every state in our country has the same ideology and needs.

In a report by CBS News, the overwhelming members of the college are committed to the wishes of the majority of the voters in their states. However, “Faithless electors” — those electors who do not vote in accordance with the outcome of their state votes — can switch their vote. Although in some states, they will be replaced by a new elector if they are faithle

The members of the Electoral College are good American citizens who will be responsible to their constituents to cast a vote that reflects the voters’ wishes.

The citizens of the United States have elected presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump. Some have been exceptional some have not. In the past, the American citizens were willing to give each of these men a chance to be one or the other.

I would like to see the candidates who run for office spend more time talking about themselves, their achievements, their ideologies and what their stand is on the political issues of the day, such as over taxation of the middle class, helping small businesses, astronomical rising health care rates, better educational opportunities, means of creating more jobs, fewer regulations and more encouragements.

CBS News reported that the votes cast this Monday will be sent on to the nation’s capital by late December. Then, on the afternoon of Jan. 6, Vice President Joe Biden will open the electoral votes before a joint session of the new Congress, where they will be counted.

Be a good American citizen. Stand behind your elected President. As President John F. Kennedy on his first inaugural day said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”