Well, the day is here, and the majority from DC to many states are all GOP. So what now? Do we stop, take a break and rejoice? Hardly…Let’s look at three reasons we might just be in worse shape now with all the RINO’s in charge than we were when liberals ruled the roost.

1. RINO’s have no checks, and therefore NO balance. 

Look, I love the Conservative agenda…LESS taxes, outlaw abortion, more jobs, balance the budget…but that is NOT what the RINO’s are about at all, and many who wouldn’t even utter Donald Trump’s name for fear of losing a vote just a few months ago (I am looking at you Indiana’s Second District Congresswoman Jackie Walorski) are now cashing in on his popularity. It’s absolutely disgusting to see the bandwagon jumping that is happening, and I hope that Trump sees it and calls all of these opportunistic swamp dwellers on the carpet for it. There is NOTHING standing in the way of most state legislatures enacting higher taxes and backing down on their promises to actually, you know DO SOMETHING (I’m looking at you Brian Bosma, David Long and Eric Holcomb). Specific examples you say? Well, ok…first of all we have the #BosmaGasTax…this incredulous over reach of power is a tax for “infrastructure” that is, well, quite frankly, to replace funds that were gathered earlier in the decade and mismanaged and put into a Universal Pre-K fund, even though they were PROMISED to help our ailing roads. Bosma is a Republican though…he wouldn’t do that! Well, he is. He lied, and now he is trying to pull the wool over everyone in Indiana’s eyes as he increases our gas tax and makes Indiana the 5th highest gas tax in the nation (should this go through).

Another example? Wow, you all are being tough on me today, but don’t worry, I have another example…The Protection at Conception Act. This bill, which is being opposed by National and Indiana Right To Life, would protect babies from the moment of conception, and due to the incrementalist nature of groups like RTL, and the money and influence they have, this bill may not even get a hearing, despite it being EXACTLY what most in Indiana want. Bosma, Long and our new RINO in Chief of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, all say that “fiscal issues are the priority” and they are not interested in ending the slaughter of the helpless pre-born. What a joke this GOP leadership team is!

2. Abortion is an issue they feel will lose them power, and therefore RINO’s are content to stay out of it. 

From Jackie Walorski to Eric Holcomb, legislators are talking a good talk, voting opposite of their rhetoric, and running as fast as possible away from the abortion issue. In fact, despite all we now know about the pain a baby feels, and the development of this little human being, they all would rather continue their push toward ALL fiscal issues so they don’t rock the boat and lose a vote or two. The lack of faith being displayed by ALL who are in public office and claim Christ as their Savior when they say that the SCOTUS isn’t favorable to ending abortion(despite MANY non-Christian publications saying otherwise) so they don’t want to “waste time on it” is far beyond disgusting. Our representatives (I try not to use the term leaders even though occasionally it slips out) have become accustomed to saying whatever they must to get elected and then doing whatever they want once they are. This is a character issue and a lack of integrity and it should not be tolerated by We the People any longer.

3. RINO’s LOVE taxing us and spending our money even more than the Democrats do! 

It’s close, but after watching Jackie Walorski spend, literally BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars over her two terms, I can confidently say that RINO’s are the worst at spending tax payer dollars in a frivolous way…Now don’t get me wrong, liberals are REALLY bad too, but RINO’s not only spend our money on GOP-driven pork barrel spending, but they have been SO consumed with having the Democrats like them, they have spent our money on Democrat led spending bills as well. It is about time someone tell our elected officials they might want to take a basic economics course as the path they have us on now ends nowhere but bankruptcy.

So, here we sit. Trump is actually doing something, and I am VERY excited about that, but as we look at the RINO’s in the GOP and all of the damage they are doing, I beg of ALL of you to take a serious look at who you vote for in the 2018 election…Republican’s own ALL of the repercussions now of all that is happening, and will for the foreseeable future.  I for one would like my grandchildren NOT to look back and curse my generation.


“There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.” – Donald Rumsfeld

Jeff Petermann is a husband, father, son, and friend.  He works tirelessly at researching the truth, and then passing the truth on to his readers.  Jeff is an avid comic book fan and is often found watching a great comic book movie.  He loves spending time with his beautiful wife of 17 years and his 2 sons. Jeff Petermann is a former Managing Editor for The Liberty Conservative and has spent the last decade in Marketing. He currently runs his own marketing company and is the Director of Marketing Services for another agency near his home in Northern Indiana.