On July 4, 1996, an American president gave a speech which is as relevant today:

We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore.

We will be united in our common interests.

Perhaps its fate that today is the 4th of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution—but from annihilation.

We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist.

And should we win the day, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice:

“We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive!”

Today, we will celebrate our Independence Day!

If, by any chance, there are snowflakes reading this article, the above did not really happen! It is not fake news. It’s from a movie. For the rest of us, who may have a hint where this article is going, take two minutes to enjoy the inspiring speech: [Independence Day (1996)—The President’s Speech].

Happy 4th of July! I hope you have a great holiday and celebration of our history. This year, it has deep significance…something more important than annihilation. In this year’s Independence Day, we are once again in an epic battle for our very freedom and liberty.

  1. We are in a civil war. Ron Paul has taught the next revolution will be fought with ideas, better ideas. He and others say we don’t need 51% of the populous to make a substantial change. About 10% of the populous can affect change if we are the right 10%. It assumes those of us who want a smaller government and more freedom and liberty, have to do something. We can’t produce change with the 10% made up of couch potatoes.

  1. The war is with the deep state, it’s not just a cultural war. The 2017 truth bomb: a sub-segment of our government has the power. The deep state planned for Hillary Clinton to win. They didn’t expect the electoral college to trump Hillary. The question now: does President Trump have the power? Is it really our president who leads the direction of the country? Or, is it the deep state? Do elections matter? Or, have we been duped? We are witnessing an internal battle. It is not certain if Trump will be victorious. Former CIA field agent, Robert David Steele, presented this view in his Infowars interview, [CIA Insider: Brennan Running Deep State, Planning Trump Assassination, jump to minute 6:30]. (If you need more help accepting this “deep state” position, it may be helpful to listen to the John Perkins interview: [How Economic Hitmen Gained World Domination for Deep State]; read this article: [U.S. Military Officials: There Was NO Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria…Trump Bombed Syria DESPITE Advice From Military]; then see this, for a global and banking perspective: [Big Banks Whistleblower: I Was Told To Sacrifice Children At An Illuminati Party]; and, finally, [9-11 Conspiracy Fact And How This Implicates Vice President Pence, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Fox News Super Stars…And How This Impacts Personal Finances!])
  2. As with 1776, this is a pivotal time for our future. If you follow Fox News, Charles Krauthammer recently made the point [“Apocalyptic” Political Rhetoric Partly to Blame for Scalise Shooting]. I don’t embrace this view. (Krauthammer, in my opinion, is a tool of the deep state.) I’m glad our Founding Fathers saw reality and the critical nature of their time. For them, freedom and liberty were worth fighting for. One of them said, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Now, more than 240 years later, are we as passionate about liberty? Have we taken our freedom for granted? Are we willing to fight for our future?
  3. If you want to have influence, protect your wealth and prepare yourself and loved ones. From last week, here are two key podcasts on this subject: [Consequences of Rigged Markets is Currency Crisis–James Howard Kunstler] and [What Will You Own When The Music Stops?–David McAlvany].
  4. If you are disturbed by what I’m writing, if you are trying to figure out if I’m a conspiracy nut, you are running out of time. Use your common sense: with Illinois on the edge of bankruptcy and the state governments of Maine, Connecticut, and New Jersey shut down, does this look like a recovery? This podcast is NOT overly dramatic: [Economic Collapse Red Alert].
  5. If better ideas win, then educate yourself. You won’t be educated by watching Fox News or your other favorite TV news channel. Greg Hunter, a former CNN and ABC journalist, devoted most of his [weekly wrap-up to destroying the fake news media]. His exposure of CNN doesn’t just relate to CNN. It is a blanket indictment of all mainstream news. If you lack conviction that Russiagate never happened–Russia NEVER hacked the DNC server to give emails to Wikileaks–then the most important podcast for you to hear from last week is: [Tales of the New Cold War: Russiagate is a secret in an envelope, Stephen F. Cohen]. If necessary, review what I wrote on December 31, 2016: [The Russians Didn’t Do It].

So what can we do? If we recognize this is a civil war, how can our side win? How do we get to a smaller government and more freedom and liberty? It is not hopeless. Here are some simple action steps.



  1. Prioritize God. If we want to reclaim what made America great, our Founding Fathers recognized God’s role. Not every founder was a Christ-follower. But they all recognized our need for God. Let’s not accept history rewritten by our government schools. Here is a primer: [Examples of Early Prayers and Answers In American History, 1746-1779].
  2. Read a book. If you haven’t read this book, start here: [Economics In One Lesson]. This is a classic and teaches how the government is a taxing leech. It is an easy read and the foundation for understanding why the government is not the answer. This is the best book I’ve read on monetary history and precious metals, it’s an easy read: [Guide To Investing in Gold & Silver], by Michael Maloney.
  3. Be a student. This doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Readers of this site have various levels of interest. I’m not trying to make everyone an economic geek. If you are a beginner, skim this archive of [EconFriday articles]. If you find that interesting and helpful and want more, check out [H4HM White Paper folder]. For a directory of H4HM’s Google Drive, [click here]. Another level of study is to try a [Mises Academy class], Tom Wood’s [Liberty Classroom], or join KrisAnne Hall’s [Liberty First University]. For purposes of reclaiming America, I don’t encourage formal education by a government school. Consider, instead, alternative learning. There are a lot of free lessons at these sites: [Peak Prosperity’s Crash Course], [Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money], Liberty Classroom’s [Learn Austrian Economics], and this Facebook page [Hoosiers For Smaller Government] (an archive of classic content on the need for a smaller government).
  4. Be a teacher. “Each one teach one.” The reason #2 is important: leaders are readers. The reason #3 is important: we need to have something to say. An educated opinion is much more valuable and persuasive than an uneducated opinion. Use your Facebook page to expose the truth to your friends. Share this site and articles. Let’s use the residents of Illinois as an example. As I’ve been documenting their upcoming bankruptcy, I’ve often introduced posts with: “The consequence of uninformed voters.” Let’s not be like them! Let’s educate our neighbors, co-workers, friends and loved ones, so we can be informed voters. Let’s look for “teachable moments.” Let’s entice people to think for themselves. Let’s help people discover the truth, rather than simply hear it. Let’s listen more than we talk. Let’s ask more questions. Let’s challenge government programming. Let’s recognize we can’t do our own thing, pursue our own interests, and assume local, state and national governments don’t impact us. The people of Illinois are learning a hard and painful lesson. It will be a generational lesson. BUT, it is simply a foreshadowing of what the rest of us will eventually experience. (We’ve not had a recovery, we are living in a depression: [The Economy Is Being Prepped, Everything Is About To Change].) Let’s teach the benefits of a smaller government, self-reliance, capitalism, liberty, and freedom.
  5. Reach a kid. Everyone knows a “young skull full of mush.” It may be your own child, grandchild, nephew, niece, relative, neighbor or friend. Don’t give the typical electronic game! For the right age group, consider giving [The Tuttle Twins], [Adventures of Rush Revere], or the game [CASHFLOW for Kids, boardgame (or adult version)]. Never give fiat money as a gift. Give precious metals–they will never learn about real money in school.
  6. Do your best. Tom Woods likes to say he is NOT capable of fixing his car or his house. But, he knows what he does best. Tom is focused on writing, teaching, and speaking. Tom challenges this 10% liberty movement to do whatever we do best. I’m focused on writing. Someone else may be better with video production, making podcasts, social media memes, letters or phone calls to politicians, local government leadership or accountability, or simply asking friends questions. [One of the new leaders in the 9-11 truth movement], was a former government mathematician who was asked by a friend, “Have you ever looked at the NIST 9-11 report?” That simple question haunted the former NIST employee and moved him to review the report, something he had simply assumed was right. That question was powerful.

In the Revolutionary War, there were a small number of leaders and a small number of revolutionaries. It can be similar today. Just a few of us can have a big impact. We don’t need to reach the masses. We simply need to reach our own center of influence. Some will seek to enlarge that circle of influence. If we just learn the truth and don’t share it, we won’t be on the winning team. Enjoy this holiday celebration. Then, get to work! Let’s reclaim America.

“Dollar” Bill is a real guy, with real knowledge on our nation’s financial calamity, and real solutions for what must be done to dig ourselves out of the hole we are in. Due to his career, Bill must remain “disguised” to protect his position. “Bill” loves America, sees the impending cliff we are all headed towards, and hopes that by sharing his inside knowledge of the failed monetary policy in our nation, that a fiscal “nuclear” event can be minimized.