The frenzy has begun. There is blood in the water and by all appearances, it looks like it might lead directly back to our now Commander-In-Chief, Donald Trump. Now mind you, most haven’t read these implicative emails the MSM have been inundating us with today, or even heard from credible sources about what was contained in the emails. They saw Glenn Beck tweet something (or 20 things…the guy is OBSESSED), or they read at HuffPo a line or two that most definitely, these emails are “a smoking gun”, but what they failed to do was put anything into context…Let me explain.

Below you will find the entire email strand. Look through it carefully and you will see something…the President of the United States is NOT included ANYWHERE in these emails. Don Jr, his eldest son is. Some higher level positions in his administration are either included or named, but the POTUS is nowhere in sight.

Now, there are a few things you will notice in this email. First of all, NEVER is a meeting with the POTUS granted. Secondly, nowhere in here does is specifically say that the POTUS was told. The closest it comes is when it says,

“…I can send it to your father directly…”

Not I DID, or I WILL…I CAN…Words mean things folks, and as much as many out there might want our POTUS to fail, this is not the smoking gun that is going to do it…at least not yet..not unless more is found.

Quite frankly, I am getting sick of the likes of Glenn Beck, who seems to be hell-bent on ruining Trump, simply because he is not “their guy”. Guess what, he wasn’t mine at first either. I was a huge Rand Paul fan, and up until him dropping out, I continued to be…when I went to vote though, a weird thing happened…Rand Paul was NOWHERE on the ballot. There was Hillary, Trump or Aleppo  Gary Johnson. So what section am I referring to that Beck so egregiously took out of context and repeated by itself? Here is it…

“I can also send this to your father (Donald Trump) via Rhona…”

That line by itself, with no other lines around it, sounds as if it was sent directly to our POTUS, but when you read the email strand in its entirety, you see very quickly that this was someone talking to  Trump Jr, not ANYONE even REMOTELY suggested that they had or would talk to Trump, with the exception of the lone line above, and that was NEVER approved.

So please do yourself a favor and research…then research more…then ask someone else what they think, then talk…spreading lies about these emails does nothing to help us fight for liberty. Remember the Trump imposed travel ban that was so “egregious”? Yeah, it made it to SCOTUS and was voted Constitutional with minor tweaks in a 9-0 vote…this same travel ban was touted by most media outlets as a “religious test” and a smack in the face to all who were truly American. The media is not a friend to Conservatives, yet somehow many liberty-minded Conservatives have forgotten how in the tank the media is for the left and are starting to grasp at any straw they can find to get rid of this “horrible President” that LITERALLY gave us a SCOTUS Justice at least as Conservative as Scalia. Give it a rest, please!

Lastly, can we talk a bit about collusion? Maybe it’s just me, but if Russia had proof that one of our highest ranking officials had committed multiple felonies, and they exposed that to that official’s opposition, I don’t see that as being collusion as much as I see it as whistleblowing. Now if Trump concocted a know, like the media in the USA has about him, and then worked with Russia to lie to the American people, you know, like the media in the USA has done to us, then that would be collusion…oh wait, that would mean that the MEDIA is guilty of collusion…hmmm, makes you think, no?

Jeff Petermann is a husband, father, son, and friend.  He works tirelessly at researching the truth and then passing the truth on to his readers.  Jeff is an avid comic book fan and is often found watching a great comic book movie.  He loves spending time with his beautiful wife of 17 years and his 2 sons. Jeff Petermann is a former Managing Editor for The Liberty Conservative and has spent the last decade in Marketing. He currently runs his own marketing company and is continuing his push for liberty in Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District. To see what Jeff is up to make sure to follow him on Twitter or Facebook.