Flat-earthers is a name given to those in the World that do not believe in man-made global warming, which is interesting when you look at the sheer amount of evidence that shows what a myth (lie) man-made global warming is.

This perpetual hoax that has been perpetrated on the US citizens since the “next ice age” fad wore off in the 80’s has been a screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-1-12-25-pmconstant stream of rhetoric from the liberal left. They have been content with fear mongering for the sake of controlling the populace no matter what damning evidence comes out against this mythical faux-apocalypse since the beginning. Let’s check out three dangerous & amazingly ignorant faux pas the left has made in the last 7 years in regard to man-made climate change.

1.Cash for Clunkers

Since Obama took office it seems that his main goal has been burdening the middle class as much as possible in order to force them down into a government dependent lower class. Whether you look at the HUGE lie that is Obamacare and how that has affected millions of Americans and their expendable income, his anti-economics101 rhetoric in trying to force a higher mandated minimum wage, or his pathetic attempt to “save the planet” by getting rid of hundreds of thousands of viable good used vehicles in his disgusting cash for clunkers program, it is clear that Obama is willing to lie and cheat to attain his desired end. For several years after this program was launched there was a HUGE shortage of used cars forcing anyone who wanted/needed a vehicle to opt for a new model thereby taking on a huge loan and potentially getting into a situation that they cannot afford. The American people were told that the end goal here was to get “high polluting vehicles off the streets”, but all that really happened was many opted for cars they couldn’t afford because the $3000-$5000 used car market had disappeared. This asinine attempt to save the planet by getting SUV’s off the road will be massaged by the media and academia to be an amazing Obama accomplishment, when, in reality, it was nothing more than a destructive PR campaign that hurt the middle class.

2. The rejection of the Keystone Pipeline

Today’s announcement should come as no surprise to any that have been paying attention to our President over the last several screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-1-12-44-pmyears. It also should come as no surprise that he used John Kerry as his patsy to accept the blame for this horrible decision, as is his usual modus operandi. Check out this amazing quote from John Kerry,

“The critical factor in my determination was this: moving forward with this project would significantly undermine our ability to continue leading the world in combatting climate change.”

You see Obama has never met a liberal policy that didn’t make him salivate, but accountability isn’t really his thing. In essence what you saw today was a decision that was predicated on the notion that the new Primes Minister of Canada is as big an idiot as he is and so now he could announce an incredibly unpopular decision, blame Kerry and announce that Trudeau, though saddened, was excited to work with the US on other climate projects. He must think Americans are stupid, or that Boehner is still in office. I don’t look for Paul Ryan to let this slide without a fight, and I think that is why Obama made it a point to mention Congress in his speech today and put blame square on their shoulders to continue his “amazing job growth” that, by the way, is non existent when you look at real unemployment.

The icing on the cake to the Keystone Pipeline rejection is the Iran treaty. Now not only has Obama hampered our ability to become energy independent from these psychopaths in the middle east, he has also launched a treaty that will allow Iran to become nuclear and then hold oil over our heads should we attempt to step in should they decide to, you know, fulfill their chants of death to America and Israel. This can only be seen by anyone that is willing not to lie to themselves as a clear action to weaken the super power status of the USA in the decades to come.

Obama has single handily taken the role of “lame duck” and turned it from an expression with neutral meaning into an expression to be feared. Each month that goes by it seems that Obama takes it upon himself to push our nation further and further towards the edge of the cliff that will end in sharia law in the US and to Christians being persecuted to the point we are seeing in the middle east right now. As the saying goes, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. The sad part is, Americans have willingly plucked their eyes out in favor of following a cult of personality that has led us to financial insolvency, a destroyed healthcare system and a growing number of government dependent, lower class Democrat zombies.

3. Destructive EPA Mandates Are Obliterating Small Business

In an article on the American’s for Prosperity site, the following consequences for several of these new Obama EPA rules was
explained in relation to their destructive effects on business,

“The report found that a mandatory 42 percent reductions in emissions would reduce U.S. gross domestic product by $51 billon on average every year through 2030 (the Obama rules mandate a 30 percent reduction). Even worse, the analysis found that the new rules would destroy 224,000 jobs annually – again, through 2030.  The report also concluded that the increased costs resulting from tighter rules on emissions would result in spiking electricity costs – some $281 billion more through 2030 – or roughly $3,400 per American household each year.”

These numbers are staggering. Obama claims to want to help business, when, all the while, he is pr
oposing legislation and executive orders that punish business in light of solving a crisis of man-made global arming that doesn’t even exist. So. The results? Lower incomes across the board for Americans, business closures, higher unemployment and more government growth. It’s a liberals best case scenario. There is no other way to look at these policies except to say that Obama clearly has a disdain for our nation and he is looking to punish ANYONE who has reached for and grasped the American dream. As it fades into a nightmare, let’s hope that the next POTUS can undo all of the “help” this POTUS has given the environment and bring back a thriving economy of yesteryear that is almost invisible form our current place in time.