There are two reasons why Trump won the GOP nomination and candidates like him will follow in his winning. First, many millions of GOP primary voters have grown so disillusioned with the GOP leadership that they wanted an outsider to throw Molotov cocktails at the system. Cruz understood this dynamic, which is why from the start he put as much effort into fighting McConnell as he did into fighting Obama. He understood that an angry majority of GOP primary voters would go for that candidate that screamed loudest at the insiders. Were GOP primary voters justified in their anger? I believe so.screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-10-58-18-am

While it is true that they held just one of the three branches of the federal government, it is also true that they were totally unsuccessful in stopping or even slowing down Obama’s policies. You can justify incrementalism, where you force a compromise that earns your side a small portion of the loaf; but what the voters correctly saw was capitulation. Speaker Boehner at least forced the President to agree to the sequester and also filed a lawsuit against Obama’s executive order on the issue of illegal immigration. Ryan dropped totally the sequester, thus eliminating even that restraint on spending, and got nothing in return from Pelosi on the other side.

GOP primary voters perceived correctly that we did not really possess a divided government, for there really are not two sides to government when one side totally capitulates all the time. They wanted to push back against the Ryan/McConnell sell outs, and Cruz would have been the beneficiary of their righteous disgust, if Trump had not been the loudest man in the room. Secondly, globalists like most of the GOP candidates, either did not see or did not care enough about the economic dislocation that comes from globalization. Millions of voters have been added recently to the ranks of the jobless or the underemployed, and they see nothing coming out of the mainstream GOP leadership that really addresses their loss. What are they to do? Move to Queretaro to try to get the auto assembly line job outsourced away from them? It is easy to say that they should retrain for the jobs still available, but even those replacement jobs are slow in the making and usually pay a lot less.

The once great middle class is sinking towards poverty, and the mainstream GOP leadership offered them nothing but policies that clearly benefit multinationals and insiders at their expense. These displaced folks came out in droves for Trump and Cruz, because they rightly saw that the globalists did not give a damned about them.


Michael Sean Erickson is a political consultant, film producer, an essayist, an Anglican Catholic Priest, a stage actor, and a husband, He is also the author of The Lost Sombrero, Beautiful Catrina, and Dream Time. Originally from San Jose, California, he had lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, before moving more recently to Los Angeles with his beautiful wife, Sharon, and their Shih Tzu, Shansi.