I did not vote for Trump. I decided not to vote for Trump in 2012. I became a Libertarian. So it had nothing to do with his mouth, his policies, or anything else. Like any President, I have liked some of what he has done, and other things I have not. I expect that as time goes along, I will like less and less, but I’ll wait and see.

Many people are upset because of his 7th Executive Order delaying entry to immigrants from certain Muslim countries for up to 120 days. Now, the fact that this is a delay seems to be lost on everyone. Everyone I have talked to has acted like this is a permanent ban, and berates anyone who says anything in support of it. I have several things that I would like to say about that.

Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of violence and expansion. When the clerics of this religion create a theocracy in a country, that country will suffer a severe curtailments of rights, and a massive campaign of indoctrination into the acceptance and practice of violence. These are not theories or opinions.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, grew up within Islam in Somalia. She is a leading opponent of Female Genital Mutilation, as well as a proponent for the need of reformation in the Islamic faith. She acknowledges that the seeds of violence, and repression are deeply ingrained in the Quran, and only reform will turn the religion into a peaceful one.

Mosab Hassan Yousef is a son of a Hamas founder. Hamas was founded to destroy Israel and build an Islamic state on the destroyed Israel. At 17, he was an Islamic zealot ready to attack the enemies of Allah. He was arrested by the Shin Beit and spent time in an Israeli prison. While there, he witnessed hundreds of Hamas prisoners being tortured with some being killed in order to determine who had passed on information to the Israelis. None of them had. He recognized the truth of who Hamas was and the danger if they were in power in Israel.

America has many enemies. Most are outside of America trying to get in. Many are inside of America. Some are actual Americans that through misguided notions would do great harm to America in the name of tolerance of the intolerant, or freedom for the persecutors. They use Liberty, or Christianity, or any other virtue you possess to shame you into accepting their indefensible positions. We cannot let them use our morals against us. Let us accept those that share are values and reject those that do not. It is a simply as that.

If I told you that I had placed a poisoned can of food in your pantry, would you feed your children from that food, or throw it all away. Is it the fault of the all of the cans that some were poisoned? No. But sometimes perfect information is too expensive to get and the cost of making a wrong decision is too expensive to accept. That is where we stand with the Muslim world.

I pity the Muslim world, as I pity so many other populations that live under totalitarians governments of one kind or another. I don’t fear those living under communism. No one supports communism in their country except those in power. But the only people that you can be assured of not supporting the theocracy, are those that don’t practice the religion. The practitioners have fully bought into the religion and the government.

As for Trump’s Executive Order, you may argue that he overstepped his authority. I would agree. He has no right to keep out those that already have visas and green cards. But consider this. He just took over from a President whose final actions were to release more terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, and to try and give $221 million dollars to the Palestinian Authority. To Hamas, which still wishes to destroy Israel. If I were Trump, I don’t think that I would be so willing to accept the vetting process from an administration headed by such a man. I may want to put the rest of his plans on hold and see for myself, if he has further endangered Americans in some misguided action based on ignorance. As an American, I think that I will accept that a delay might just be in my interest, and wait to see what happens.

Charles Hagerman is married with two daughters. He spend a great deal of time listening to music, and watching tv and movies. Most conversations with him will feature many movie quotes, and him breaking out into song. Having taught himself to pay guitar using the internet, he plays guitar at his church. Additionally, Charles is a self taught programmer, studies economics and various languages using the internet. He is a tireless defender of liberty.